Sunday, January 2, 2011

Katy Perry OPI swatches and Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 everyone! Hope everyone had a fun and safe new years - I was a bit sick with a chest infection *woohoo* :-| Trying to sneak in a blog post before the bf realises I'm not in bed resting as I should be. I really wanted to try out these Katy Perry OPI shades:

I thought the release date was January but I found these in David Jones just before Christmas. The full size glitters were sold out but it's all about the minis nowadays ;-)

Left to right we have The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night and Not Like The Movies, all named after songs on Katy Perry's latest album Teenage Dream. Catchy album but am saddened there's no 'peacock' shade ;-)

Let's start with the glitters. All swatches were done with three coats and the glitters needed it if you wanted to wear them on their own. I think they would also be nice layered as well. Teenage Dream has a pale pink base with microscopic glitter as well as large 'chunky' glitter. I like this one but I am a fan of glitters :-D

Teenage dream again in natural light. Pretty much how it looks in the bottle but you do need three coats.

Last friday night in flash. I was probably most excited about this one so was a little bit disappointed when I saw how sheer the blue base was. Would have been lovely if it actually came out a bit more blue...

I would say that you could only wear this on top of something else. Natural light shot above.

The one that got away. Beautiful shimmery cherry pink, reminds me of the pink Burlesque shimmers. Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above. This should only require two coats but I did three to be consistent.

Not like the movies is a bit like the MAC Venomous Villains polishes in that it has a duochrome effect, it goes from purple/pink to green but mostly just ends up looking grey. It was hard to capture the colour change as it's quite a subtle shade:

That's it for now! I actually got some OPI for Christmas this year (not colour, thank gosh I don't need more) but some lovely skin quenchers:

There are 3 on each side and they smell goooooooooood :-D Well I better go back to bed, hope you enjoyed the swatches! And happy new year :-)

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