Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illamasqua Jeweled Apple Nails feat Throb, Untold and Harsh

So I am really in love with Illamasqua Throb. But I love glitter too :-D So I added a layer of Illamasqua Untold over Throb, and got to drawing ;-)

Apples! I drew the outline of the apples with a white Sally Hansen nail art pen, and filled them with Illamasqua Harsh:

I was looking around for a green glitter polish to use when I realised I had the perfect sized 'leaf' like gems in this craft pack I bought. So I stuck those on as apple leaves and Voila! Oh - the only annoying thing about using the Sally hansen nail art pens is that they crack easily. So a number of layers would be good. I had to fix up a few after the top coat. Thumb shot of the apple below:

I have a few other piccies to share with you. Excuse the quality, I only had my iPhone :-/ I went to dinner for Valentine's day weekend (before Valentine's Day) at a lovely restaurant called Rubicon:

I hadn't been before but the menu looked nice online. We were seated in a little corner at the end of the building:

But behind us was a kind of function room with fairy lights:

And the food? Well I had the Roasted chive and potato gnocchi:

Very filling and very tasty. The bf had the Lamb fillets with delicious polenta chips (so nice):

I would have had that had I know it was so delicious :-D And for dessert we had the dark chocolate mousse with a date cake base in cherry sauce. So. Darn. Good.

Well I hope you enjoyed the apples and food piccies! All I can say is TGIF tomorrow. I've had a dreadful week (had to cancel the credit card due to the Lush hacking drama then I had a number of dentist issues which I couldn't pay for initially due to Lush incident). Now my face hurts a lot! Woe is me. I'm really looking forward to the weekend and I hope you all have a lovely Friday and that your week has been MUCH better than mine! Until next time lovelies...


  1. I love the apples :)
    How are you dental problems going? I hope you're fine.

  2. Thanks! Dental problems are getting better I think. Had a rough couple of days afterwards but I'm feeling better now :-) Still not sure if the teeth are ok though! Time will tell.


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