Saturday, February 5, 2011

OPI Lil Shooters Mini Lacquers for the Texas Collection

The OPI Texas collection has just been released and I wanted to try a few of the new colours. I picked up the lil shooters mini lacquers set at David Jones last night:

I'm annoyed that they threw in a top coat instead of a fourth colour but what can you do right? Left to right we have Austin-tatious turquoise, I vant to be a-lone star, Do you think I'm tex-y? and a rapiDry top coat. I have some swatches of the three colours. I was mostly interested in this collection because of the 'sorbet' style of polishes and do you think I'm tex-y is one of them. So let's start!

The sorbet look is supposed to be sheer jelly-like with super shine. Coat as you will but I found 3-4 coats to be best for me personally. Flash shot of do you think I'm tex-y above.

Daylight shot above. Very cherry, very pink and all round pretty and I'm glad they included one of them in this pack but I would have preferred a mini pack of the jelly colours. That would have been awesome.

Austin-tatious turqouise is your typical peacock blue green beauty with lovely shimmer. I would buy this if I didn't have so many other in the same colour spectrum. Not a dupe for anything that I currently have but still this colour is the pretty one from the collection. I believe the shot above might have been four coats. The natural light shot below is a little sheerer:

This is about 3 coats. I do want to mention something about the formula. You pay a lot for OPI but at least you're getting quality. While I love the colour range of other brands, OPI still lead in the formula department in my opinion. Orly comes close but OPI is my favourite.

Next we have I vant to be a-lone star. A pale blue grey shimmer. There are two light grey colours in this collection and I actually picked up a full size of the other (called it's totally fort worth it) because it has this subtle purple shimmer to it. And you know my love for purple :-D

Natural light shot above. I personally wouldn't buy a full size of this but that's why the mini sets are great. You get to try before you buy in a way :-P

Well that's it for the Texas collection for now. I am yet to swatch the other jelly/sorbet colour I purchased and it's totally fort worth it but those will be coming up in the next few days. And since it was late night shopping last night, I also picked up some lush goodies:

Mrs Whippy and the frog prince bath ballistics. If the frog is like that other ballistic that makes my bath a sickly yellow again I'm going to :-| into next February. Mrs Whippy smells sweet, typical lush style but the frog prince is a bit more citrus and "fresh". This shall be interesting next weekend...

Lastly I picked up some cheap nail art brushes and plastic gems. I'm eager to do some more nail art and I found I need more than one brush on hand during the whole process. Well I'm off to have lunch, get my hair cut and look at houses! Until next time...


  1. I have, I think, the same brush set but mine are pink. I got them on ebay and they were sent from China. Calling them cheap is an understatement lol. I think next time I will fork out a bit more money and get a better set. These keep falling apart. The silver part keeps separating from the wooden handles and also I have had to trim the brushes on some of them because they are uneven. Fun fun fun. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for LOL.

    1. Too true Kellie! I have taped up mine so they stop falling off the brush handle and the paint on the wooden handles keeps coming off and onto my hands due to the acetone. That said, one of my favourites is the small brush as the expensive Orly one I bought isn't straight, the bristles go every way except straight!


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