Saturday, February 12, 2011

Illamasqua Game of Love nails for Valentine's Day!

I have been feeling quite inspired by Valentine's Day this year so I decided to do another round of Valentine's themed nails this time using Illamasqua Scorn (matte black) and Throb (striking red cream):

I call this look 'The Game of Love' and I love it! Scorn was used as the base (matte black but top coat is used above) and the formula is just superb. Two coats and no streakiness. So quick and easy. I then used a Sally Hansen white nail art pen to draw the game cards and hearts around the cards. Then a red nail art pen to do the outline of the centre heart, filled with Throb. Then tried to carefully draw the rest of the ace of hearts with a nail art brush :-) The only thing I'm annoyed about is that my aces are back to front! Should have been top left, bottom right. Whoopsie. Here's a pre top coat version so you can see the mattey goodness of Scorn:

I would have loved to keep this matte but Sally Hansen nail art pens need to be top coated else they'll simply wash off :-( Pretty simple look, not so many colours this time! All you need is shown below.

Pretty easy to recreate, especially if you have a steady hand. Here's a close up of the thumb:

Happy Valentine's Day weekend everyone! I'm off to sleep for a good 12 hours straight :-D Have a fantastic weekend and I hope to see you next time...


  1. Oh ! I love it ^^ That's so cute !
    How could I send you some photographs ? I did not find out how :/

  2. Thanks! Ah yeah I don't have my email address up - contact me at thatleanne [at] :-)

  3. That is so good1 everytime I see Scorn I want to listen to Portishead!

  4. I actually hadn't heard of that song/band until today - I just looked it up... LOVE IT! Sadly it's not on the Australian iTunes :-( I miss 90s music.


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