Thursday, February 10, 2011

Illamasqua Cupid Heart nails for Valentine's Day!

I recently picked up the Illamasqua Throb nail polish collection and decided to play with Load and Throb to create some Valentine's Day cupid heart nails:

We have Load as the cream colour base with Throb used to paint red hearts. Then I used some glitter polishes from OPI to draw the little arrows on. I finally finished it of with some white dots around the hearts (originally had gold dots but the pen was much darker than I thought). The OPI polishes used were Glitzerland and Bring on the Bling over the top of the Glizterland arrows. These are the only products I used (minus the Seche Vite top coat):

I tried those cheap nail art brushes and the one in the picture wasn't bad actually! Short brush so it didn't move too much and a good thick handle. The nail art pens were Sally Hansen. Gold and White. But I'm going to skip the gold on the weekend since it didn't stand out enough. Here's a close up of the design:

Cute! Well I hope you enjoy this look and have a very happy Valentine's Day next week (or this weekend if you're celebrating early like me!) Until next time...


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