Sunday, February 6, 2011

Katy Perry OPI Black Shatter - swatches and other experiments

If you missed part one of the Katy Perry swatches you can view them here. I have the elusive Black Shatter polish. It's hard to get a hold of in Australia - David Jones is still waiting for their order and I don't believe it's up yet on Adore Beauty (but you can pre-order it). For over a month now David Jones has been saying 'next couple of weeks' and their waiting list in the city has over 20 names on it. I got mine online :-D

First things first, let's do the Katy Perry polishes with black shatter. Starting with Teenage Dream since it's the prettiest of the lot and worth buying (I purchased a full size of it because it's made of awesome):

This was 3-4 coats of Teenage Dream plus one quick swipe of Black Shatter.

Next is a ridiculous number of coats and still no blue colour pay off. This is Last Friday Night with Black Shatter.

Next we have Not Like The Movies with Black Shatter. These have no top coat so you can still see the matte finish of the black shatter.

Lastly we have The One That Got Away with Black Shatter. So you can see the Black Shatter finish is different every time and you need to be quick as it dries so fast! Two coats and you'd probably not get a shatter effect. Too thin and it turns into vertical stripes. I find it really annoying to apply actually. I don't know why it's so hyped up :-/ Especially since China Glaze is releasing coloured versions of the shatter formula. Let's look at some other polishes with Black Shatter since I was having fun playing this week:

China Glaze Snow with Black Shatter. I thought this would be a nice contrast and it was my first attempt at using Black Shatter. It was a bit of a fail :-S

Next I was looking for a cheetah kind of colour scheme so picked out Ignot O2m in 631 and added Black Shatter. Then I accidentally mangled the thumb!

And lastly I tried it over OPI's Austin-tatious turquoise. Honestly I'm just shattering everything I paint my nails with lately :-D I hope you enjoyed the swatches and if you're keen on getting this polish, good luck finding one if you're in Australia. I suggest pre-ordering asap! Until next time...


  1. This shattering effect is intriguing. It looks good but it looks as painful to apply as you suggest it is. My favourite: the one with China Glaze Snow and the shatter :) I love the contrast :)
    I've received the Accessorize nail polish. I'll try them this week, I'll send you some photograhs ^^

  2. how does you let the black shatter crack in big pieces that pretty. mine just crack in small ones. doesnt show the bottom colour that obvious ):

  3. I tried to do one thick/heavy coat of black shatter to get the big pieces. The shatter effects looks much nicer when it's contrasted with a lighter colour :-)


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