Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Nail Art and new Pandora goodies!

Easter is almost here and I thought I would get into the spirit with an Easter Egg mani :-) The inspiration was an Easter card as shown here:

I started with the thumb nail and went from there :-) I used so many colours I don't even remember now! But the base is OPI Gargantuan Green Grape:

Here's a better swatch of the colour on the progress shot:

I don't know what inspired me to use a green base, it seemed 'Springy' and cheerful (even though it's Autumn here haha) and well suited to Easter. And it sort of goes with my new Easter goodies from Myer (they were having a buy 2 get 20% off sale):

I bought this because I thought it was a bunny (wasn't looking too closely). It isn't now that I look at it now... looks more like a bear to me... I fail :-| Is it a dog? It has a bunny tail though >_< I have NO idea now that I think about it! But I loved the egg shape plate and while they had two designs I had to get the pink one :-)

Ah yes more Pandora. I was getting annoyed with my two charms going all over the place so I decided to buy some clips and I already wanted the dice charm.

So here we have the dice charm and two blue cubic zirconia clips. It's odd, I'm not the biggest blue fan but the blue spoke to me and I had to have them. I got a dice charm because of an online game I'm obsessed with right now (er Heroes of Newerth) and you can roll a dice to random a hero to play. I random a lot :-D I was a big fan of Warcraft III, played the custom corridors map for YEARS then discovered HoN. I'm not into World of Warcraft but I like this game. It's full of scary angry ragers though :-S Gaming online with complete strangers is certainly an interesting experience to say the least... I have a user ban list the size of a phone book haha. But I digress...

This is my pandora charm bracelet as of now! I LOVE it. It is starting to look more like a pandora charm bracelet and the clips keep the charms in the middle from moving to either side. As you can see on the top there's room for more clips but I'm not sure what will go there. We will see when I fill it up more :-)

Anyway, since I spent a certain amount at Pandora I got a gift with purchase. He mentioned that he was including a notepad and I was thinking oh must just be some plain white note pad (like the pen I received last time). I was surprised when he pulled out a Pandora box, unwrapped some very pretty pandora tissue paper and revealed this!

I was just @_@ at that for some reason. The tag says genuine leather so that can be removed. But if you open it up it's a lined notepad:

Nice isn't it! Those clips were pretty expensive (certainly wasn't expecting to buy ones that cost that much) but overall I'm really happy with the purchase. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully I didn't ramble on too much. Have a fantastic weekend everyone! What plans do you have for Easter next weekend? I'm going to avoid all traffic and craziness and stay right at home :-D


  1. i so love the egg patterns! and the base color went well with the designs^^

  2. Great colours in the easter egg mani - and I've got Pandora envy! LOL

  3. WOW! Your nails look INSANE! I wish I had your patience :(
    Your pandora looks great too! LOVE IT!

  4. Thanks everyone! Hehe, Pandora has that effect doesn't it :-D

  5. Brilliant nails! Wow - how long did that take?! Love the Pandora too, and thats a great free gift!

  6. Hi Kate - thanks! I sat down and did them in an evening. The longest part is usually waiting for the base coat to dry so I don't mess it up when drawing on top :-P

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