Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Midweek Mani Madness - Cute Carrots!?

Oh deary me. What started out as an 'Easter' themed nail art ended up like this. What can I say :-/ I still think it's cute, if a little crazy... and it wasn't planned, I was wearing Sephora by OPI's Iris I Was Thinner then decided to draw something the next day... after I did dishes, washing and other chores, so excuse the warn edges and frayed top coat :-|

Uh yeah. I think I was going to alternate between bunnies and carrots, I'm really not sure now that I think about it. But I ended up drawing different faces for the carrots and forgetting about the bunnies. I even contemplated various vegetables and fruits but really couldn't be bothered :-P

Thumb swatch above. This purple is such a beautiful colour, it is from the Modern Flower Sephora by OPI Spring collection that came out last year.

These are the colours I used. I'm really getting through that China Glaze Snow! I'm going to laugh if it turns out to be the first bottle of nail polish I use up...

Ah yes, more bath and body works Slatkin & Co candles... I just can't help myself - the dollar is TOO good not to buy these treats! And it's pink! Sooo pretty. It's called Pineapple Orchid and not only is it pretty, it smells nice too :-) I'm getting through my 3 wick candle of Frosted Cupcake so I thought I better get a replacement. This will do nicely. I really like frosted cupcake though, I may need another...

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week, Canberra just went BAM! winter! so I've gone from a summery 24 degrees to scarf, beanie and winter jacket :-| I hope wherever you are, you're enjoying better weather!


  1. Hi ! The carrots are cute :)
    Here, spring is coming. It's quite sunny now but we had a very hard and long winter, so I understand how it is to bid summer farewell. Keep yourself warm ^^

  2. Haha thanks :-) I really dislike autumn and winter... I'm from the tropics where it never went below 14C! Winter used to be a break from a horrible summer rather than be cold. Oh to live in the tropics again! :-P


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