Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty or Yellow Chicky?!

Easter is fast approaching and why not get into the spirit with some Yellow Chicky oh I mean Yellow Kitty :-D

I'm talking about Sally Hansen's Yellow Kitty and it's a pastel yellow creme nail polish that's perfect for Spring (or the Easter season as I'm going to call it since it's Autumn here :-) They didn't turn out quite like I hoped because I honestly thought the yellow I used for the chicken heads hidden inside the egg was going to be much darker. What chicken you say? Yeah, exactly :-|

Yellow Kitty (#420) is sadly not as opaque as I had hoped, the swatch below is 4 coats! and even then I wanted to add another due to slight patchiness.

So I was trying to 'save' the art and decided that surely glitter would make the chickens stand out better:

I used Orly's Groupie to go around the chicken/eggs but it was a little too subtle. Oh well can't win them all!

The colours used for this look were fairly simple - Base coat was Yellow Kitty, the eggs China Glaze snow, the chickens OPI Fiercely Fiona, and Sephora by OPI Leotard-Optional for the eyes/beak. Then of course Orly's Groupie around the outside as mentioned above.

So I decided to redo my thumb with what it probably should have been (a darker background) but I don't know, I like the subtleness of the yellow kitty background better.

So what chicken post isn't complete without actual chickens? :-D I don't know if I've mentioned this but I'm a huge bird lover, probably because I grew up with chickens from an early age.

This is our last chicken from about 2008. We've been breeding them on and off for many years and decided that this would be it. Unfortunately this cutie turned into a Rooster... a pity because we already had two... and roosters don't mix ;-)

And his mummy/daddy is probably in the photo above! We purchased some fertile eggs in 2004 (a mix of polish and silky breed) for our very clucky chook Lily to sit on. She did a brilliant job. We've also used an incubator but found that a hen does it better :-)

One of our polish hens all grown up :-) They love to dig big holes all around their pen.

What you lookin' at punk? Scary yet very cute :-P Well that is all I have for now, hope everyone is having a great week - mine has been shocking. Saturday I came down with a nasty head cold and Sunday I got the stomach flu. So when you combine fever + runny nose + stomach bug... oh my gosh I was not a happy girlie this week. Hopefully your week has been MUCH better than mine! Until next time...


  1. Another super cute mani :) I used to have chickens too when I was a kid!!

  2. Cool, I'm not the only one then :-D

  3. This is adorable! I may do this for a friend's baby shower next month!


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