Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cherry Nail Art!

Hello everyone! I have something simple but cute today: cherry nail art! This has been on the list for a while but I guess I was looking for the right colours to inspire me. I was finally inspired tonight:

Ah so bright! I originally just was planning cherries minus the pink and white dots but I felt the cherries blended too easily into the background. It needed some sprucing up ;-)

I found another use for a MAC nail polish! Amazing. Seriously though while I detest the polish brushes I love this colour. And this is the second time I've used MAC Scorcher in nail art recently! Lovely as two coats. Still a little bit sheer but very glossy.

This nail art was proudly brought to you by a hello kitty plushie! Haha I liked putting the Keroppi plushie with the polishes last post so I decided to do it again this post. Give it a little extra cuteness. So obviously we have MAC scorcher as the base. And dang I just realised I forgot the Cherry colour :-| It was Illamasqua Throb. Pretend it's in that picture above :-D The stems were Essie Mink Muffs, the leaves Essie Pretty Edgy and the polka dots MAC Ice Cream Cake (gorgeous opaque and just to die for cool barbie pink - minus the stupid brush), and China Glaze Snow. I almost used Ice Cream Cake as the base but it didn't really suit the last time I attempted this design with a pink base.

Progress shot one above. I started with the red cherries and then followed with two quick swipes for stems. I used one brush again for the cherry - same as usual.

Then I added the leaves and for some reason decided on just one for the other nails. I think it looks better. Afterwards I used a nail art dotting tool (Orly brand to be specific) to create the polka dots. It really does a good job of getting neat little round circles.

Well I hope you liked this design! I'm off to pack for a trip to QLD to visit my newborn niece! I'm so excited to meet her. It's times like these that I wish I lived close to my family. One day... Anyway have a fantastic week everyone (or what's left of it) and I shall see you in the near future! Erm not sure about my usual weekend post since I will be Bris-vegasing it up ;-) Until next time...


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