Sunday, June 19, 2011

Braziliant! Essie Summer 2011 Collection Swatches

I have been looking forward to this latest Essie collection! There are some seriously gorgeous shimmers in this collection as well as some 'sorbet' shades and a creme. Something for everyone I would say.

Left to right we have Too Too Hot (jelly/sorbet finish), Meet Me At Sunset (another jelly/sorbet), Braziliant (orange with pink pearl reflects), Super Bossa Nova (shimmer with blue purple reflects), Smooth Sailing (periwinkle blue with silver pearly glitter) and Absolutely Shore (pale green creme). Onto the swatches!

Above is a flash shot of Smooth Sailing. This looks slightly more spectacular in the bottle. When on the nail the glitter is more silver than pearly as it looks in the bottle.

Above is a natural light shot of Smooth Sailing. Only 2 coats required here. You could maybe do one thick coat but two light coats would suffice.

Above is a flash shot of Super Bossa Nova, possibly the star of the collection as it's so bright and gorgeous.

Above is a natural light shot of Super Bossa Nova. Only one coat was needed for this polish, impressive.

Above is a flash shot of Absolutely Shore. Very pale green, almost minty.

Above is a natural light shot of Absolutely Shore. This was 3 coats and it was still sheer. I'm not a fan of having to work with sheer cremes.

Above is a flash shot of Braziliant. Ah, the brilliance of Braziliant. It was hard to capture the prettiness of this polish but the subtle shimmer is there if you check out the full size of this picture.

Above is a natural light shot of Essie Braziliant. This was two coats and left a suede/non-glossy finish. This definitely is one to look out for if you like orange :-)

Above is a flash shot of Meet Me At Sunset. This had a clear jelly like finish, much like that of the OPI Texas collection polishes, maybe less glossy.

Above is a natural light shot of Meet Me At Sunset. This was two coats.

Above is a flash shot of Too Too Hot. And wow it IS hot! I don't normally go for reds but I like this.

Above is a natural light shot of Too Too Hot. Only one coated needed.

My favourite colour is a toss up between Smooth Sailing and Super Bossa Nova. I ended up with a simple floral design when I started to draw with no real goal in mind :-) As you can see Braziliant made an appearance, it all it's shimmery loveliness @_@ Well I hope you enjoyed the swatches. I'm probably going to skip the Resort 2011 collection as it really does not appeal to me except one or two colours... we shall see. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! Until next time...


  1. Ooooh, this is one gorgeous collection! I really need that periwinkle blue...

  2. Great swatches! I'm in love with Smooth Sailing & love the flower design you did :)

  3. @Vita Definitely. It's so pretty!

    @Vintage Yay, love for smooth sailing all round :-)

  4. I have Meet Me At Sunset and have gotten several compliments. I want them all!

  5. @McEllen Oh nice! This collection is definitely a winner!


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