Thursday, June 9, 2011

The truth is out there: Alien Nail Art!

Ok so apparently I watched a little too much X-files on the weekend but I was eager to use my new Sally Hansen HD polish - Resolution:

I can't say I'm a believer but this was actually requested by my mum! So I hope my mum likes it :-P

Resolution is no. 13 of the Sally Hansen HD line and while I bought a couple recently, I had only previously swatched Cyber on the blog. I bought this polish online because Priceline seems to be fairly behind in the Sally Hansen times and I'm impatient and cannot wait for the newer colours to come to Australia. I'm not sure if this one is in stores but I know DVD certainly isn't (which is what I was originally searching for - swatches to come later). It was also cheaper online. As always.

I started with the thumb as usual and then did black outlines and filled with white (China Glaze Snow).

Then I drew the mouth and the outlines of the eyes before I filled and added a top coat!

The usual thumb swatch above. I think the thumb turned out best because the head is nice and pointy. Although I saw a lot of different shapes of alien heads when I googled so I think whatever shape is ok - who really knows for certain ey?

Well that is all I have for now. I hope you like the aliens and I look forward to swatching the other HD polish! Have a happy friday everyone and I'll see you next time :-)


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