Monday, June 6, 2011

A small nail polish haul and my weekend in pictures :-)

I couldn't make my usual nail post on the weekend because I spent a long weekend in Brisbane :-) Friday I flew to Brisbane to meet my niece and do some sight seeing. I thought I'd share my small (nail polish) purchases and basically what I've been up to. Don't worry, normal posting shall resume shortly ;-)

I was quite restrained despite being in much larger Myer's and David Jones' in Brisbane! Firstly I'll have to thank Vita for making me hunt down OPI And This Little Piggy (shown left). I couldn't find it at either store in Canberra but was happy to find it in Brissy! I also picked up OPI Significant Other Color (shown middle) which I believe is from the same OPI Brights collection. Lastly I picked up Illamasqua's Smash as I'm still on the hunt for the perfect creme green. Something not yellow green, just pure green. Although it's looking much yellow-er in that picture above than it really is.

Above is OPI And This Little Piggy... Gorgeous subtle pink glitter. 3 coats. Very warm pink - I can see gold, blue and purplish pink glitter. I love it. Thanks Vita ;-)

Above is OPI Significant Other Color and this is from the same collection as And This Little Piggy... Wow is all I can say, how did I miss this colour in the past? The purple reflects some kind of goldish green and it's very pretty. This was three generous coats.

Lastly we have Illamasqua Smash. Bold and green, love it! An excellent addition to my nail art collection of colours.

Next you should prepare yourself. I wanted to share my weekend in pictures but I shall warn you, it's very picture heavy! Turn back before it's too late (insert Labyrinth reference ;-) Cue arty iPhone pics!

My Friday started with a stroll along riverside with Brisbane Story bridge in the background. The weather was sunny and a beautiful 24 degrees max.

This was the view from our table at Aria Restaurant. The bf loves Masterchef so I couldn't resist taking him to the top rated restaurant in Brisbane. Well, according to Trip Advisor :-P

My entrĂ©e was the winter salad. It was interesting :-) But good!

Now at this point I didn't realise I had accidentally shaken my iPhone, thus randoming the image effects in the hipstamatic iPhone app - turning it black and white :-| But anyway, this is my main which was the chicken.

This was the bf's main - the slow cooked Veal. We can both report that our mains were delicious.

The sweets after the meals. The mint chocolate was my favourite.

I think the bf got jealous of all my arty iPhone goodness and decided to do sneaky arty shots while I was waiting for my coffee in the hotel lobby. He has a HTC Desire HD so I'm not sure what app he was using here.

Ah and my coffee has finally arrived. I don't normally drink coffee but on holiday I am way to tired not to!

Along riverside again. This was taken out the back of Customs House, which appears to be a dining venue for a university. Very cool looking.

As you can probably tell I was at the Eagle Street pier Sunday morning markets :-)

We wanted to do some more touristy spots so we stopped by Anzac Square which is a goldmine for photo opportunities!

Stairs leading up to Central Station building.

The gardens are so pretty at the moment!

War monument.

Central Station building.

Next we stumbled upon King Edward park. It was full of stairs...

and strange gold monuments looking like something out of Doctor Who...

Next we found this old windmill, quite a surprise given that we were lost :-P

The windmill in full! Doesn't really look like one now that I think about it. I think it's missing the spinning part?

After a long walk back to where we started we made our way across to Southbank. Unfortunately a lot of it was still under construction after the floods but it was still a nice (and exhausting) walk.

And wow that's it! I'm so tired after this weekend! We flew back lastnight and I didn't get home until 10pm. So then it was straight to bed and I only just got to look at some of my photos this evening. I hope you don't mind the occasional non nail art post. Have a lovely week everyone and until next time...


  1. Love the Illamasqua one! Great photos

  2. Cute little haul. I've got Significant Other Colour too and it looks fab over black :) Just checking out the food pix - got stuck drooling over the desserts!

  3. Thank you Vintage and Jackie, I wasn't sure about posting so many pictures!

    Ah Vita I had a feeling you might - we have such similar taste I think :-)


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