Friday, February 12, 2010

Lush Snow Fairy!

Is there such a thing as too much snow fairy? Hell no! I'm a bit miffed actually. I have been to my lush store in the city twice in the last few weeks or so and they didn't have any Christmas stock. I go there today to check for more x factor bath ballistics and what do I see? A whole TABLE of snow fairy in various sizes. Seriously! And the girl said it's buy 1 get 2 free and I'm like hello! Picked up my 3 500g Snow Fairy gels and walked to the counter :-D So including my online order, I have a wee bit of snow fairy to last me for the rest of the year:

I wish there was a good dupe for this. I'm yet to find it. Yummy yummy yummy isn't as nice I feel. And this snow fairy scent really lasts. Unlike rock stair which fades quite quickly (but don't worry I still love you), snow fairy really packs a sweet punch.

I also got 2 more ex factor ballistics and another magic mushroom bubble bar. They're just too darn cute and nice smelling.

OT, we celebrated our Valentines day early (since I'm working this weekend). We went to Sabayon after my little lush splurge and it was lovely. No entree because I wasn't overly hungry but I had the potato and roast garlic ravioli. Delicious. Then what I think was a mango and lemon grass sorbet to cleanse the palate. Then banana tarte tartin! We were in a fairly dark area so sadly, I took crap photos :-( The food blogger will come out one day ;-)

Instead you can have something to laugh at: me foiled up getting my hair lightened. I got foils of ash brown and honeycomb (or so I'm told). I had a long time to wait so I read up on my MAC spring forecast collection and trashy mags.

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