Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lush Valentines Goodies

Went to lush today to pick up a few valentine's goodies! I got the ex factor bath ballistic, love soap and magic mushroom bubble bar. And some permanent line soaps because I had a 10% voucher to use :-D

The regular soaps I picked up were The Godmother, Karma and Ice Blue (that was the bf's choice). She threw in a sample of Demon in the Dark which had a nice minty smell but I gave that to the bf, although I wanted it for myself (sigh).

Honestly the ex factor bath ballistic smells divine. It's described as vanilla scented magic and I wish I had gotten more than one! I think I'll save this one for valentines day (despite it being called ex factor :-P) The magic mushroom bubble bar is vanilla and strawberry scented, also very nice. The love soap is quite 'meh' for me, the scent is not strong but is described as ylang ylang and jasmine. And it's purdy :-) Oh but I love this little blue man! There weren't many left in the store so I'll probably have to order online if I want more.

OT, I saw the Alice in Wonderland nail polishes in David Jones but I'll just have to wait for my adorebeauty order to arrive :-) I did spy a new one that I hadn't seen before and it's gorgeous - Meet Me on the Star Ferry. SO pretty. I believe it's from the Hong Kong series.

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  1. Nice haul!! I picked up the Love soap as well, it's so cute ♥


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