Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MAC Valentines Day Gift!

A short post before I pack for my Perth trip! I thought I had restrained myself quite well with the MAC in Lillyland collection (no blushes, brushes, or the pearlmatte eye shadow). But I ran out of concealer so the bf offered to get me another one and some more lillyland as a valentines day pressie :-)

I thought we said no pressies I exclaimed! I was a bit spoiled this year:

I just got the package today and I found TWO studio finish concealers! Along with the other two lillyland things I picked out - the 239 brush and the So Sweet, So Easy cremeblend blush.

I thought this was the only thing I'd get for Valentines day but the boy gave me a long stemmed rose, a balloon that says I love you and these YUMMY cupcakes:

I was completely surprised by what was inside this box! I'm quite obsessed with cupcakes myself and it's usually me surprising HIM with cupcakes for Valentines day / birthdays / random sundays. The chocolate ones were delicious. Very chocolate cakey and rich chocolate icing. Even though I had to work Saturday and Sunday, this was a very good Valentines Day :-)

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