Friday, February 26, 2010

New Benefit Goodies

So my benefit cosmetics order from over a month ago finally arrived. I knew it would take forever - it was the same shipping type Amazon (for orders to Australia). This basically means it stops in every country on Earth and spends a few days travelling to the moon and back before it gets to you :-P But the dollar was good at the time and I couldn't resist the new (well WAS new) items:

So the two items that I actually ordered are up the top: Nice Melons velvet eye shadow and Zone Out lipgloss.

The purchase came with a free eye shadow (on the left), a sample of benefit eye con and dr. feelgood. Always nice to receive freebies :-) I swatched the shadow and gloss lightly on my hand:

I didn't really want to use much product so the swatches are light. Nice melons has a lovely peach sheen and zone out is a shimmery beige. I don't know why I chose that colour, I'm still going through my neutral/nude phase. The benefit brochure showed a bright pink one that looks so much nicer. Benefit lipglosses smell fruity though! It reminds me of these fruit scented felt pens I had when I was, erm, maybe 4 or 5 years old. Each colour would have a different smell - red would be strawberry, green watermelon etc etc. It was a nice childhood reminder.

Overall a good purchase. I'd probably wear the gloss over a lippy since it's so sheer, but I usually do anyway. And yay for more eye shadow! I'm building up a 'travel makeup bag' so these make wonderful new additions.

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  1. They look really nice, great colours and the packaging is sooo cute!


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