Tuesday, April 27, 2010

China Glaze pretties

So I've been a little obsessed with nail polish lately. Namely purple nail polish, I have a need to get every shade possible. It is my favourite colour after all :-) I was googling swatches in order to choose colours from my fave ebay seller when I got hooked on some new Nail Polish blogs (namely Polish Me Happy and Scrangie). I was just 'oooh look at all the pretty polishes' @_@. Then there was nail polish talk on twitter and youtube and it seemed like the world was telling me to buy more nail polish. So I did :-)

I know these aren't new polishes but I'm still happy with my purchase :-D Honestly I was just hunting down Emerald Sparkle (and I'm thinking it's NOT the dodgy batch version, it looks far too pretty) when I was just hmm, I could go more green and purple. So we have Grape Juice and Paper Chasing. Heh, if only the bestie saw this, I'm obsessed with combining purple and green. Web site layouts... posters... bedsheets and pillows (sigh).

I'm still deciding which one to wear first and post about...

Currently listening to: Lorraine's day in the life video. Dang it I should be watching!! Back to it :-)

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