Sunday, April 18, 2010

MAC Liberty of London, Prep For Colour

Why is it that whenever I'm having a bad week I excessively shop at MAC :-P I'm a sucker for limited edition packaging so of course Liberty of London was going to get me. I found it very hard to resist the make up cases actually! But I have SO many Clinique 'freebie' cases that I just couldn't justify it. Onto the images...

MAC Peachstock lipstick (satin finish). I thought this would be a nice alternative to Crème d’Nude but I don't know... I was surprised by how pigmented it came out and didn't like it too layered on my lips. I think because the colouring was leaning towards the brownish look that I don't like. However a light swipe is nice.

MAC Shell Pearl beauty powder. Cute case, comes with a mirror and honestly this will be a nice blush for ole pale-o here:

It's light, has a slight shimmer and on the coral side. What's not to like? Onto Prep for colour. Everyone has already established that prepped for glamour is like satin taupe but not any better so I rage skipped. I was more interested in the Veluxe Pearl Hey eye shadow :-) Oh but surely I don't need anymore? Oh I do. Although I was a little worried when I saw how similar in the pan it looks to all that glitters:

But fear not, it sits somewhere in between all that glitters and grand entrance. Purchase justified! But if they ever bring out those starflash shadows again I'm buying at least four grand entrances :-| And trying all of the rest :-D

There was a bit of hype around the Ember Glow lipglass from the Spring Colour Forecast collection, and it was going to entitle me to free shipping on the Australian website (along with something else I haven't posted today) so I thought why not. While I'm on an orange peachy kick, let's just go all out:

Oh it's nice. Nice indeed. I think this is what I was looking for in peachstock. Hopefully I can wear this one and stop using up all of my LE runway fave lipglass :-| Overall I definitely prefer orange on my eyes than on my lips :-P Swatches below:

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