Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yay for cheap drugstore finds - Rimmel Pompous

I was in Priceline buying 4 different types of makeup removers/wipes because I tried the Swisspers cleansing eye make up remover pads and they didn't work. Seriously I could not remove a MAC paint pot off of my eye without tearing half of my eye off. And this is supposed to remove water proof mascara? Fail. Anyway I spied some Rimmel nail polish on sale for $6.75, and I did say I was looking at Rimmel Pompous in a previous OPI post so... here it is :-D

It has that sparkle that I was missing from OPI Purple With A Purpose but it's slightly darker than I would have liked. D'oh. But still gorgeous. I have a few Rimmel nail polishes and although they don't impress me (the dry in 60 seconds claim doesn't really fly with me when I managed to put a big hole in my polish with a tissue box 2 hours later and had to re-apply). But Rimmel do cheap and beautiful shades that sometimes you cannot ignore. And who wants to always fork out $20 for OPI! Or resort to Ebay and wait. I don't like waiting :-)

No flash version of the polish. I was worried this picture would turn out a little bluer than it really is because it has tiny blue sparkles in it, but it looks fairly true to colour here. It is slightly more purple I think.

I used a Rimmel base and top coat and it's still going strong after two days. Mind you I haven't done the dishes yet ;-) Sigh, goodbye pretty purple nail polish!

OT - I picked up this cute All About Eve hoodie in Myer today. They're having their mid season sale and this was $69.95 down to $45! It's so cute and the whale has a button for an eye!

They had so many different hoodies I was fully @_@ at them all. This is a cute one too! And wow since when do Myer deliver! That's fairly awesome. Well if you don't have 3 different Myers in your city :-P I might remember that when I go home for Christmas... although I think a Myer is opening up there soon. Coolies. Well since I'm on the Myer site I might go peruse the make up now... See if the shipping is better than the petrol + parking price. And if it's something that's only available in the City, no doubt it will be worth it.

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  1. OMG that hoodie is adorable!! Love the polish colour too


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