Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love That Look - Kristen Stewart

So I'm sitting here, home from work, experiencing what I can only call Sneezefest 2010 when the bf brings home some trashy mags for me to read. I grab the one with Kristen Stewart on it and go 'ooh I wonder what eye shadow that is' and it occurs to me that the look on her face is exactly how I feel today. So I decided to play with some darker colours and create my own spin on this look below:

It's a little washed out but it appears to be a more reddish brown look she's got going on but I am going to use a more golden brown,consisting of:

  • MAC Prep+Prime Eye all over lid, under and up to brow

  • MAC Constructivist paint pot as a base, not going past the crease (also going under the eye)

  • NARS Galapagos eye shadow over the paint pot, blended with MAC 217

  • Flip between the brown eye shadow and just below the brow, blended again

  • Manila Paper in the inner corner

Add a whole bunch of mascara, particularly on the lower lashes and this is what I came up with:

I obviously didn't include the whole face shot where my nose is horribly red and the rest of my face deathly pale. This look is a LOT darker than this photo shows so it's not something I'm going to mosey on down to the corner shop in ;-) Great night look though.

Alternative colours I tried included the smoke & mirrors eye shadow from last year's holiday collection but I found it was too dark. I think creole beauty would be fine too (and aztec brick for that sheen) but the NARS galapagos eye shadow has this gorgeous golden sparkle to it (if you don't spoil it too much by over blending ;-) It really sparkles under the lower lashes.

Well I'm going to go pass out now and maybe later actually *read* this magazine, heh.

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