Monday, April 5, 2010

Lady Gaga Concert

I thought I would deviate from the make up posts and talk about the Lady Gaga concert. Typical Canberra, weather turns horrid whenever you need to go somewhere. I figured the outfit I had planned wouldn't be warm enough so I wandered into Temt (with a very low budget) and walked out with these options:

I decided to go with the one on the right, it was more tight fitting and sparkly @_@ I also decided on boots instead of heels because I didn't want to park and walk in mud :-| Sadly the bangles slid straight off my wrist so I pushed them up my arm until they didn't budge. I ain't wasting $12!

The concert was fairly awesome-o. I was too busy videoing on my flip camcorder to take many shots, but when I did get a chance...

Currently listening to: Lady Gaga - Dance in the Dark ... again

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