Monday, April 5, 2010

March Faves

I haven't been posting lately... the bf managed to get sick and I was busy preparing to catch it so I was doing everything before I became incapacitated... which hasn't happened yet so I thought I'd bulk post today :-) I don't have a lot of favourites this month, and they are all makeup related.

  • Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow (sparkling nude): I was very excited to try these as an eye shadow base. They are supposedly meant to last 10hours but I don't know if you're meant to use a primer. I would use a primer underneath these (whereby I managed to make it last 12hrs+). Without the primer, it started to fade and crease closer to 8hours. Overall I love this (also have starlit pink) and it really brightens your shadow. I tend to pack it on more in the corner to highlight better :-)

  • MAC Crème d’Nude lipstick: If you can tell by the picture above, I was going for a very bronze and neutral look this month. I like a lippy I don't need to wear a gloss over. This one got a fair workout in March, but definitely had to condition the lips first!

  • MAC Rubenesque paint pot: Ah paint pots. Luck of the draw really with these. Sometimes they're hard to work with, other times they're wonderful. Luckily for me, my rubenesque paint pot melts like butter and is very easy to apply. I cannot say the same for my Artifact paint pot which requires a brush and a LOT of patience. I am tempted to move it back into the bathroom near the heat lamps... Anyway, this colour really brings out the colours in the Spring Colour 4 quad pictured above. Simply stunning combination.

  • MAC Gleam Eyeshadow: I haven't been wearing this for a while as it's a lustre but it's a gorgeous sparkly coral which I've been using to blend and bring out the colours of the quad pictured above. I also tend to use it with woodwinked and grand entrance.

  • MAC Spring Colour 4 quad: Love love love this quad. There's no satin finishes in this quad so they all pack on a lot of colour, and they're so easy to work with. It's simply love. If you're like me and already have a bunch of neutrals to work with, you can vary your look throughout the week whilst still using the same quad.

  • MAC Mineralize Blush (duo) in Rhapsody in Two: I have very fair skin but since I've been doing bright bronze eyes lately I've just been using this blush on it's own rather than a highlight. A few times I've put Benefit Coralista underneath. It's shocking that I have finally put down By Candlelight MSF for more than a week, but this is a good substitute for me :-)

  • Benefit Powderflage: This colour correcting finishing powder is meant for under the eyes, under the nose on the sides and also above the nose. Together with my concealer, this adds a lot of light to the area and a bit of sparkle. The brush that comes with the powderflage is rubbish and I don't recommend using it. Unless you've got nothing else ;-) I just find that it's horribly scratchy on my skin. For me, it helps under the eyes but did wonders under the nose, where it tends to get red on the sides. Definitely a problem area for me so this works well.

Well that's it for my faves. Sadly a lot of MAC, but it's good to finally be using so much of it consistently. Purchases now justified :-D

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