Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chanel Khaki Vert swatches

When I went to Sydney last weekend I discovered Myer was stocking the Chanel Khaki polishes. I was super excited but they only had Vert and Brun left - I wanted Rose as well as Vert. Oh well! I also picked up two other Chanel polishes from the Soho collection/range - Steel and Strong. Typical me getting suckered into a purple looking polish. Yeah it's not as purple as the promos show :-| I'm fairly certain fluorescent light makes everything look purple when it's really not.

As you might have already heard, Khaki Vert is very pigmented and you could get away with one coat if you were careful with your application. I went for two coats (no top coat):

The above is a natural light shot and the flash version is below:

Brilliant colour isn't it? I'm just happy when Chanel polishes turn out looking like they do in the bottle... I haven't swatched Steel yet but I'll put Steel and Strong up together at a later date.

I believe the Khaki range isn't being released here yet until October (according to the MA at David Jones) but Myer had them exclusively a little bit earlier. And it wasn't all Myers I don't think, just the one with the Chanel Makeup Studio. I know they aren't in Canberra Myer :-P


  1. Khaki Vert is such an unusual shade!

  2. It is. It's not very 'me' but I've found that colours I wouldn't normally go for turn out to be the best!


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