Wednesday, September 22, 2010

IMATS Sydney 2010, cupcakes and IKEA!

Last weekend I went to Sydney for a long weekend. Main purpose was IKEA but I also checked out IMATS as well. I did a bit of shopping in the city (sigh) but I thought I'd post some touristy shots from the weekend :-D

I love cupcakes on pitt st. I used to come here when this was the only store they had and the cupcakes were bigger. Now the cupcakes are much smaller and they sell macaroons (which are good too I discovered). This is what we got initially:

I had the carrot cupcake and the bf had the lamginton cupcake. Yummy.

To continue on our path of unhealthy eating we stopped by Max Brenner for lunch :-D

The fruit on this plate makes this sugary chocolate covered waffle healthy right?

It was a gorgeous day Saturday in Circular Quay. And since it's now spring, all the trees and flowers are blooming. Yay for the end of winter!

I already have 894083901 shots of the Sydney Opera House but none taken with the SLR and on such a gorgeous day.

The bf stole the camera from me. I included this to show the new hair colour I had done Friday. I wanted to get more darker highlights than I did previously. The blonde was starting to freak me out because I know I want to let it grow out naturally around Christmas. I fear the regrowth.

We did the rocks on our last Sydney trip but I don't know how I missed this sign? How odd.

The bf is an SA boy so we always have to stock up on our Haigh's chocolates. I love the dark chocolate covered macadamias and the cream assortment. We did the factory tour in Adelaide but I know there's a store in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Room service dinner! I just have to say that those onion rings were delicious! For some reason the next night they weren't as good. Boo.

Sunday morning we headed to the Sydney convention centre for IMATS. I wasn't really in the mood for shopping though? After Saturday I didn't need to buy *more* makeup.

The stalls were minimal in my opinion. But I don't think it got busy until around lunch.

I stayed to watch the character design show. The mad hatter look was pretty cool!

Monday we navigated through the burbs (our sat nav is sooo frustrating!) to IKEA. We made it in good time and I was sad I couldn't afford this vanity. One day... when we own a house and I can decorate properly. But it would make a really nice makeup vanity! Not too expensive either. Only came in white though. Which is good because they only had a white stave mirror which I bought :-D

We hired a nissan xtrail for the IKEA haul. And haul we did :-D Few benno cd towers and a billy. And a million smaller things. Such a hectic day and I'm glad it's over and we're home!


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