Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sephora by OPI Rocker Chic Mini Set + Swatches!

When I discovered Sephora had a new set of OPI polishes out, I was excited to get my hands on them. I only really wanted the purple polish from the Rocker Chic mini set 'Just a little dangerous' but lucky I got the mini set of polishes! There are some standouts and sadly, it isn't the purple polish:

Let's start with the purple. I vow to try every purple polish out there that I can get my hands on so I was excited to try just a little dangerous:

Despite what I've read elsewhere, I think the colour comes out fairly true to the bottle. It's not like you're getting tricked like with Chanel's Paradoxal! All photos were done with two coats, no top coat. Flash shot below:

In terms of what I expect from a purple polish, I would rather a slightly lighter shade of purple but it's just another purple. Nothing special.

This is Already Famous taken in direct sunlight. Gorgeous champagne colour with silver glitter (and yes beware of trying to remove this sucker). I messily applied 2 coats and it was the sheerest of the lot but I was impressed with the colour. It warranted both a non flash and flash shot to show you the loveliness of this colour :-D

You can see in the flash shot above it's a bit messy but for 2 coats you get decent coverage.

I'm not a red nail kind of girl but this cream colour was a dream to apply! Even with the mini brush, the formula of this colour was superb and the pigmentation was the best out of all four shades. I was impressed as cream formulas are usually so difficult to work with. Streakiness was non existent in Fiercely Fabulous.

I was not impressed with my ability to stay 'within the lines' :-P Messy messy Leanne. But you can see how rich and pigmented that colour is in the flash shot above.

Last we have Go my own way, a metallic teal shimmer. It really stands out in the sunlight, but out of direct light it definitely comes across more gunmetal-ish which might explain why it's described as a muted teal. It was a little bit sheer as noted on but I do love this colour. Bold and metallic = love.

Flash shot above. So far I'm loving this set, so much so that I've ordered full sizes of both go my own way and already famous. Who can say no to another glitter polish? I know I can't ;-)


  1. love your blog :) i just recently found it !!! where did you get the sephora by OPI nail polishes from ?? because i know sephora does not ship to australia :(

  2. Hi! Thanks, I was lucky enough to spy the set on eBay. If only Sephora shipped to Australia... then again I'd be very very poor!

  3. I´ve got a Sephora Set too, but its called "Glimmer Wonderland" - i love the colour "already famous", its so pretty!

    1. Wow that's a big set, I want it! I picked up a full size of Already Famous :-)


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