Monday, September 27, 2010

Chanel Soho Nail swatches - Strong and Steel

In my last post I mentioned that I also picked up the Chanel Soho nail polishes Strong and Steel. Both look extremely pretty in the bottle but both turned out to be very very dark on the nails. Steel was so pigmented, I only needed one coat!

Excuse the messy nail, I wanted to display how pigmented one coat was rather than fix my application :-) So that looks fairly true to colour, but appears slightly darker in natural light

I really got these polishes for Strong - it looked much more purple in store but it comes across more burgundy in real life. Oh and it also suffers from the Chanel paradoxal trick: it appears gorgeous in bottle but you'll be hard pressed getting that shimmer to show on your nails!

I took a lot of photos of this colour and it was fairly difficult to capture the colour. Most turned out like this daylight swatch (two coats):

Now if Chanel could stop bringing out gorgeous nail colours maybe I could start saving... for a new handbag! ;-)

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