Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slushied! Gleek out with Sephora by OPI mini set swatches!

Here's what you missed on Glee! Sephora released a Glee themed set of mini nail polishes (a few full versions are available with some of the minis exclusive to the kit). They also brought out a few full sized colours that are not in the set but I'll be swatching the mini set and showing you my slushied nails!

If you've ever looked for Glee songs on iTunes, Amazon, etc you might recognize the above. Glee songs not yet part of an album generally have a big blue slushie as the artwork so I was inspired :-) I only used Glee colours except for the white Sally Hansen Nail art pen to draw the slushie and straw (and often mixed it with China Glaze Snow).

But onto the swatches! The set of six minis comes in the box shown below:

They come with Glee inspired names and they are left to right: Miss Bossy Pants, Slushied, Celibacy Club, Gleek Out, Sue vs. Shue and Express Yourself to Yourself:

Sephora minis come with 3.75mL or 1/8 Fl. Oz which is a little bit less than Essie minis (5mL/0.16 Fl. Oz) and Orly minis (5.4mL/0.18 Fl. Oz) but it's the standard OPI mini size. So if you really like a colour, I suggest you get yourself a full sized version :-)

First up is Miss Bossy Pants, named after Rachel and it's a pink raspberry shimmer, quite pretty on the nails. Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above. I believe this may be 2 or 3 coats. The problem I had with these polishes (and this may be due to the small brush of the minis) is that they were quite patchy and I had to do more coats than I would have liked.

Here we have slushied, a bright opaque blue which of course makes reference to the Glee club members getting slushie drinks thrown at them by the football team for being in the Glee club :-P Flash shot above.

The blue is also the colour of my slushie drink in my nails in the first shot :-) Natural light shot above.

Celibacy Club is a clear diamond glitter polish and makes a lovely topcoat for other base colours. Flash shot above.

I used this over Slushied in my slushie nails :-) Natural light shot above. This polish is only available as part of the mini set.

Next we have Gleek Out and this is described as a glittery lime green. It's very glittery and quite yellow toned. Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above. Not my cup of tea but may appeal to some.

Next we have Sue vs. Shue and this of course refers to the on-going battle between Sue Sylvester and Mr Shue. Very deep dark blue with a beautiful shimmer if you can catch sight of it ;-) Flash shot above.

The shimmer comes out brilliantly in the sunlight but it's still a very dark polish. This is also only available as part of the mini set. Natural light shot above.

Last we have express yourself to yourself. It is a bright glittery coral that is also the base of my slushie nails at the start.

Natural light shot above. This is also exclusive to the mini set. Well I hope you enjoyed - I know not everyone likes Glee and I find it quite hard to watch as it's quite a cringe-worthy show but I love a lot of the music, in particular the Thriller / Heads will roll mashup. LOVE IT. I have a lot of remixes of the heads will roll track :-) And that's what you missed on glee!

Hope you're all having a great week - I'm going away this long weekend but hopefully I get a post out when I get back... with some photos of where I went :-D


  1. I need all of them! Especially "gleek out"
    What kind of camera do you use? or what setting that you can capture such great swatches?

  2. It's a pretty nice collection, a bit of everything! I use a Nikon D90 DSLR. No fancy settings, just Macro :-)


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