Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sephora By OPI Urban Ballerina swatches with cupcakes!

I love my minis and Sephora so I couldn't help but order the Urban Ballerina set online. After swatching the colours (swatches below) I decided to pick out my favourite Urban Ballerina colour (purple, what a surprise) and draw some cupcakes:

I will talk about what I used to draw these in a little bit - first the Urban Ballerina set!

This set contains 4 mini polishes and left to right we have Leotard-optional, The Way Tutu His Heart, Who's Spinning Tonight? and finally Break a leg-warmer!

I'm not sure what season or trend this set is in aid of but it's an interesting name/concept. Onto the swatches!

Leotard-optional is described as an opaque mocha beige. It's a cream formula (no shimmer) and it looks beige-tan to me. The flash shot above is about 3 coats I believe.

Excuse the low light shot above - Canberra decided to be gloomy and rainy all day much to my dismay. This colour is not my cup of tea as a nail polish but I wanted more creams to use with my nail art so it's a winner from that perspective (I need to expand my cream collection 10x :-)

The Way Tutu His Heart is a light pink cream polish. The formula was a bit patchy for me and I believe the flash shot above is 4 coats. It may be the smaller brush though and a full size bottle may not be as problematic. Again, happy to have a new cream in my collection :-)

Nice light pink. Natural light shot above.

Ah here's the real reason I bought this set. Who's spinning tonight? was another purple shimmer polish for me to try! The shimmer is oh so subtle and was hard to capture even with flash as shown above.

In natural light it just looks like a dark purple cream as shown above.

Break a leg-warmer! is another cream in charcoal gray and it's the most opaque of the lot. I only needed two coats for the flash shot above. I like this colour. Unique to my collection thus far.

Natural light shot above. So all up there were 3 creams and one shimmer polish. If creams are your thing then this set may be for you. It's certainly different with that tan-beige colour.

Anyway, I'll talk more about the cupcakes! Obviously, I went for Who's Spinning Tonight as the base colour. Then I added Leotard-optional as the bottom of the cupcake and The Way Tutu His Heart as the frosted top. The only non ballerina set colours I used was China Glaze Snow as the white lines on the cupcake case and Mecca Cosmetica Shine as the frosting/sprinkles on top. Shine is highly recommended, I absolutely adore the shimmery pink. It is a must have. Progress shot of the cupcakes below:

I started with the outline of the cupcake case, filled it then did the outline of the frosting and filled. Details left until last. Thumb swatch below against The Way Tutu His Heart:

Cute isn't it? I am a BIG cupcake lover and I have an embarrassing number of cupcake cookbooks... It was only a matter of time before this design appeared on my blog ;-)

Natural light shot above. Well I hope you enjoyed the swatches and the cupcakes! I had fun drawing them. Until next time...


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