Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orly Precious Collection Swatches feat. cherry blossom nail art!

I have been holding onto these pretties for a little while and finally got around to swatching them over the weekend! The Orly Spring 2011 collection called 'Precious' is out and they are a mix of creme and shimmer polishes (2 shimmer, 4 creme) and they are verrrry pretty.

Left to right we have Pure Porcelain (pale pink creme), Gilded Coral (coral shimmer), Fancy Fuchsia (hot blue pink creme), Ancient Jade (jade green creme), Sapphire Silk (deep blue slightly teal creme) and finally Royal Velvet (dark blue with purple shimmer).

Before I move onto the swatches, I decided to play with the 'spring' theme using these Orly colours and attempt some cherry blossoms (key word: attempt)...

Oh boy! I had to redo these as the first attempt was quite bad but I think I got the thumb right. I used 3 of the Orly precious colours (gilden coral as the base, pure porcelain and fancy fuchsia as the flower). The subtle grey branches were OPI's totally fort worth it. It's a very subtle look yet very pretty on the nails. Onto the swatches! Let's start with Pure Porcelain:

Ahh pale cremes, such a tricky formula to work with. Pure Porcelain was 3 coats (actually most were except for the jade and dark blue cremes which only needed 2). Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above (although a bit dark - I am experimenting with new SLR settings :-)

Ah one of my faves - Gilded Coral. It reminds me of the NARS Orgasm polish but is much softer (less orange). Beautiful. Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above. Isn't it pretty? @_@

Bam! Next we have Fancy Fuchsia and yeah it's really crazy bright. LOVE IT. Very nice for spring/summer. Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above. 3 coats like the first two just because of some slight patchiness. Creme formulas tend to be tricky to apply.

Ancient Jade is a creme jade green and only needed 2 coats. Quite opaque. Flash shot above.

When I looked at the natural light shot above I did notice some streakiness but nothing a top coat won't fix.

Sapphire Silk is a dark blue creme and like Ancient Jade only needed 2 coats. Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above. Not the biggest blue fan but it applied very nicely.

And lastly we have Royal Velvet and what a spectacular colour it is. More blue than purple in my opinion but you can see purple around the edges. Flash shot above. This could use 3 to 4 coats. Above is 3 and 4, one of the fingers was slightly patchy :-)

Natural light shot above. Isn't it just stunning? Well that is all I have for now, I hope you enjoyed the swatches and the cherry blossoms! Have a fantastic week everyone and I will see you next time :-)


  1. Super pretty blossoms - Where do you get your inspiration?

  2. It's hard sometimes! I get suggestions from friends and family but most of the time I just find myself trying to draw one thing, then it turns into something completely different :-P Usually it's whatever comes to mind when I look at the colours I want to work with.

  3. Nice swatch ! Thank you :)
    I love the jade color.

  4. The jade is definitely pretty :-D

  5. I love Orly. Ancient Jade covered in one coat on most nails, I love this shade and the formula is perfect, streak free and all, the only other I have is Royal velvet and boy, it's stunning! I need more polishes from this collection, definitely Gilded Coral and maybe Sapphire silk.

  6. One coat Roblove - good work! Gilded Coral is definitely a lovely colour. I was originally only going to buy Gilded Coral but then couldn't help myself and bought the lot :-)


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