Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Essie Spring 2011 Collection mini set swatches feat. Spring Break Beach Nails!

The Essie Spring collection is here! Sadly it's not spring in Australia but I'm going to pretend it is because I don't want autumn/winter to come any closer. So I present to you my spring break beach nails featuring the Essie Spring collection colours:

Cute! I had this look in mind for a while and although a little wonky, the beach umbrellas are cool ;-)

The latest Essie collection has a French theme and consists of 6 colours, 4 of which are available in a mini set as shown below:

There is Nice is Nice (purple/lavendar cream), French Affair (pink cream), Topless & Barefoot (Beige cream) and Coat Azure (a medium blue shimmer). Onto the swatches!

Topless & Barefoot is the most raved about in this collection. It's that 'perfect nude' and while the colour is beige, it is surprisingly flattering on the nails. I didn't expect it to be. A few coats are required though for some patchiness in the formula. Flash shot above.

You'll have to excuse my poor battered hands. Too much housework! Natural light shot above. I really like this colour.

Coat Azure is beautiful. Opaque in one coat and just shimmery gorgeousness. I don't like blue so that's saying something :-) Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above. A bit bubbly on the index finger but other than that, applied beautifully.

French Affair is a pale pink cream and a few coats here too I believe. Not as opaque as it looks. Flash shot above.

Nothing to write home about, yet another Essie pink :-) Surely they've run out of pink colours to do?! Natural light shot above.

Nice is Nice, a light purple/lavendar cream. A few coats here as well (basically Coat Azure was the only one coat polish). While purple is my favourite colour, I think OPI's Rumple's Wiggin' wins for me personally. Flash shot above.

Natural light shot above. All in all a great set and I might still pick up the other 2 colours that are full sized. They are more nude/sheer colours though. But interesting looking. From the mini set, the standouts for me are Topless & Barefoot and Coat Azure. Just gorgeous.

Here's a close up of the nail design with Topless & Barefoot. I tried to use all the Essie Spring mini set colours for the spring break beach nails but there were a few extras (China Glaze Snow and Orly Blue Belle to create the 'wave' effect).

Well I hope you enjoyed the swatches and beach nails look. It's more summery than spring but you visit the beach on your spring break right?! I have no idea... we don't have 'spring break' as such here... :-P Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely week and I shall see you next time :-)

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