Saturday, March 6, 2010

February Faves... blog style!

I thought I'd do a quick blog post of my feb faves. More of a 2010 faves the way I've been going with these products ;-)

My faves include:

  • MAC eye shadows in Ego, Shale and Shroom: I've been wearing this combo for a while now with Ego over the lid, focusing on the inner corner, shale on the crease and blending out towards the brow with Shroom. Shroom + Shale = really pretty. It's subtle but noticeable.

  • MAC 239 brush. This brush really packs on colour. It's my new fave brush. Don't worry 213 fluff brush, I still love you!

  • Hue lipstick - Brought this back from Perth and have been wearing it everyday to work since. Better swatch down below so you can appreciate its loveliness.

  • Runway fave lipglass - A nude gloss that I was wearing before I got Hue :-)

  • So sweet, so easy - Cremeblend blush that came out with the online only collection MAC in lillyland. VERY pink so you only need a little bit. It's nice on my pale white skin without my yellow based makeup. Gives a nice natural flush.

  • By candlelight MSF - I wear this every single day, I love it. Mind you I don't have any others to choose from :-P Highlight across checks on top of the blush is just perfect. Photographs nicely too!

  • Clinique bewitched eye shadow - I got this YEARS ago but I was rummaging around in my clinique drawer (yes there's a whole drawer) and I rediscovered this little freebie. It's nice because it has two shadows plus a mirror! I used to use the peach colour a lot but I was looking for a dark matte brown to use with my MAC 266 brush. I wanted to darken my brows with my new blonde foils. This colour has been really good for that.

As you can see above, so sweet, so easy is very bright. Although I imagine not as bright as florida would have been. I've been looking for a pinker blush, I seem to have mostly peachy corals. I'm planning on getting well dressed soon so I'll compare that to this blush.

Currently thinking I need to purchase an Ego backup. It was limited edition though but the starflash shadows are SO nice. Bit too much fallout, but nicely pigmented and shimmery. Got my grand entrance backup, Ego to follow? Hmm...

Well this will be the last from me for a little while. Probably til next weekend so not really that long :-P I have surgery on Tuesday (more info when/IF I come out ok). I have been freaking out for the last, oh, 2 months :-| Excuse me while I re-read this scary booklet titled Anaesthesia & you :-(

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  1. Nice favourites - that cream blush loosk gorgeous!! I ♥ By Candlelight too

  2. Ah I know! I wish I got the Joie-De-Vivre blush too but it's sold out!


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