Sunday, March 28, 2010

OPI Blue My Mind!

So it's Sunday night and I've just painted my nails. Bright blue. Not exactly appropriate for work but I'm seeing Lady Gaga tomorrow night so I need something out of the ordinary ;-) And I won't have time after work as I need to get out to the Arena asap. So blue nails at work it is!

Well this blue my mind indeed! I felt this was as bright and bold as Purple With a Purpose (ack I have no swatch!) but it's really even more out there. Honestly, the last time I painted my nails metallic blue (oh this polish looks a lot like my car!) was when I was 12 years old and my best friend and I were obsessed with nail polish. She grew up and clearly I didn't :-)

This was only two coats and after a week of applying pastel creamy finishes, this colour was a dream to apply. So smooth, no streaks. But sometimes I think OPI brushes are just so random, you can get real duds (enter my Purple With a Purpose brush - almost want to get a new one). But this one is nice and one nail just looks utterly perfect. Then of course my bf ignored the wails of 'it's not dry!' and smudged a nail when he came to inspect. D'oh.

Currently iTunes hax repeating Lady Gaga - So Happy I Could Die. Why bother. My play count is already 149. Epic sigh. So need to get my emoticons back into the blog.

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