Monday, March 15, 2010

Beauty Haul preview

Bad Leanne! Meant to be saving for holidays and what do I do? Oh let me show you:

Particularly exxy purchases include NARS Cruising lipstick from the Spring collection, the By Terry Baume de rose and a number of benefit things... What's worse is that I have an online kit cosmetics purchase still to come. Gah!

I'm yet to try the By Terry, but I have already fallen in love with Cruising. I am thankful I don't already have something similar in my collection. Even the bf noticed the new shade!

Things I still want but don't have: the NARS Kuala Lumpur duo eyeshadow and the NARS Orgasm illuminator. Sigh.


  1. oh I am so jealous of your haul! I see coralista! long time lemming :D

  2. Hehe. For some reason I have been hauling a LOT of blushes lately, but I have always heard good things about coralista :-)


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