Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MAC Coconut Ice Nail Polish

So the previous Kit Cosmetics purple nail polish didn't last long without a top coat. But even with a base coat, it left a very sparkly residue on my nails. Shame it didn't appear until AFTER the colour was removed. So in sticking to the orange, coral theme I've been going for this week, I present the MAC Coconut Ice nail polish from the MAC in Lillyland collection:

As I took photos near sunset (with orange lighting due to some bushfires around)... I have swatches with and without flash:

This colour is simply gorgeous. And it's bright. It was definitely noticed at work today :-) I was asked 'what colour tomorrow Leanne?' and I'm just waaaa? Oh. Nails (sigh). Probably blue?! No seriously. I don't change my nails THAT often. Unless it's chipped shamefully early.

The only thing I would add is that it took 3 coats to get it looking 'decent'. It is a cream finish so it was quite streaky until I persisted with that third coat. But this colour is love for me. Not quite coconut ice because I originally pictured white/pink blocks of sugary goodness covered in coconut. OK minus the coconut. But Yum.

Currently listening to: Careless Whisper from the George Michael Live in London tour dvd. I freaking LOVE this dvd. Meep.

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  1. Looks absolutely lovely on you! Like apricot ice cream :)


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