Saturday, March 20, 2010

Colour Me Purple: Miss Shop and Kit Cosmetics Nail Polish

I had been perusing the sister site of Mecca Cosmetica, Kit Cosmetics for a while now and was building up a list for a haul. Brands I wanted to try included Korres, Too Faced and of course their own brand kit cosmetics.

I'll save the haul for another time but I did pick up a couple of their whiter shades of pale nail polish. So I tried it out today to go with my new Miss Shop shirt ($20 from Myer, bargain!)

Purple IS my favourite colour but I am slightly disappointed by mister streaky Free Fall (iced lavendar) nail polish:

It really is a pale lavendar, and excuse the messy nails, I clearly suck at applying nail polish today. I think this is one of those consistencies that if you get it right the first time, it looks brilliant (as did one nail) and if you screw up, well... :-S But two *thick* coats to avoid streaks and it's not bad. I think it just looks so messy to me because it's so pale and obvious. I was a bit cranky because I ordered the mint green one purely for St Patrick's day, and it didn't arrive on time so I was left greenless. Oh well!

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