Sunday, March 21, 2010

Juicy Couture EDP Gift Set

I don't really haul perfumes, I have a few (er perhaps more since I moved here and got a job heh). They live on my chest of drawers, getting dusty which I hate. So far I have fallen in love with Armani Code for women and Kenzo Oriental (NOT flower, although I have flower and am rediscovering it so it's not as full on to me anymore). I actually have the solid perfume of Kenzo Flower as well and I love just opening it up and smelling it - it reminds me of an earlier time in my life. Have a few Anna Sui perfumes as well, but not dreams which is what my mum likes and I keep meaning to get. I have a few dolly ones though.

Anyway, I love Juicy Couture handbags and I spotted the Juicy Couture EDP in David Jones last holiday season and I thought hey this isn't bad! Then I saw this gift set and I was just omg that's so cute! Cute packaging really works on me. My boyfriend picked it up and 'saved' it as a gift for later. Perhaps an anniversary or for when he's done something wrong to which I was just :-| at him. Anyway, he brought it out last week during our anniversary day of the month as a gift for being so 'brave' as he put it with my dental surgery ordeal.

Isn't this cute! It reminded me of a fancy shoe box or something. I personally like the scent and it's good because I don't have anything similar in my collection. I can't describe it but a quick Google is telling me it's got all sorts of fruits in it amongst numerous other sweet things. Can't say I'm picking them up individually. It just smells richly sweet to me.

Look at that bling! Baaaaaling! I love it! Lucky my boyfriend hid it after he bought it otherwise I would have been all sad going can I try? can I try? every five minutes. Out of sight, out of mind :-) But speaking of which, the lady at the counter didn't remove the security properly. You know when the tag is on the inside and they swipe it over the counter? Well that didn't work so it went off at the security gate and the other lady working the entrance was NOT friendly. Yes just assume I'm walking straight out of DJs with a big ass box of Juicy for which I haven't paid :-| We just wanted to leave actually - we were going straight home after that but after she checked the receipt she made a big song and dance about it going off in every other store we were going to walk into (which we weren't). So we had to go back (in Christmas rush hour season) and get it removed - again. Yes I remember you girl and neither my boyfriend or I were impressed with your attitude. Grr. But I digress.

Overall I'm really happy with this perfume and it will take me a while to get through as it's 100mL. And of course there's a 10mL travel sized version :-) I'm not a big fan of the body lotions they always put in perfume gift sets, but we'll see.

OT: I'm currently trying to upload a ridiculously large HD video of Canberra Skyfire 2010. I used my flip and it came out quite good so I wanted to share. But youtube errored on me :-( I am trying again and my net is now slow as hell because of the upload but I think it'll fail again. It's under 2gb so I don't know what I've done wrong... It is 17mins though :-S Long fireworks HD video for the win? I might have to upload a lower quality version. Boo. No point then really.

Currently listening to (and rediscovering): Mike & The Mechanics - The Livings Years

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  1. Nice buy, I love this perfume too - the bottle is just so cute


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