Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow

I was having a pretty average afternoon (teeth or moreso lack thereof) so I walked down to the shops for more up & go drinks. I perused the Clinique counter of Myer on the way out and couldn't help but pick up these two cream shadows I have been lusting after:

These are Starlit Pink and Sparling Nude. Rock Violet is also shown below. Didn't buy rock violet but it's very nice! I have been going on a bit of a spending spree lately so I need to curb the spending and save for my Hawaii holiday in June :-)

I had two eye shadows in mind when I bought these cream shadows: MAC Ego and Grand Entrance (not sure which collection but they're the starflash finishes). I want to use less of my precious limited edition shadow and brighten them up a bit. I have just tried starlit pink under Ego and it works well. Definitely brighter. These supposedly have a 10 hour staying power but we shall see :-| I did notice the swatch on my hand go a bit crumbly, but it was more evenly distributed on my eyes. So hopefully it just doesn't peel off as I'm imagining! The only off putting thing for me is the smell of these shadows. I have a very sensitive sense of smell so the chemical whiff I get from these is a disappointment. But hey, after being spoilt by the apricot souffle scent of Benefit's FY Eye primer, you'd be disappointed too :-) Overall these are very nice cream shadows and at 37AUD, swatch and choose carefully!


  1. These look great, looking forward to see how they go. I think the chemical smell is due to the fact that Clinique don't use fragrance in their product, so there's nothing to cover up the smell of the ingredients. Lovely colours, Rock Violet is super pretty!

  2. Ah I thought that may be the case. If only it smelt like my clinique gel moisturiser! Heh rock violet is gorgeous! My bf was shocked that I didn't pick it up, he knows how much I love purple.


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