Sunday, March 14, 2010

The swatches: MAC Viva Glam, Too Fabulous, Mary Kay

So finally feeling more like myself again and have been able to take some better photos of my latest makeup haul :-) Here we have a look at MAC's Too Fabulous collection. I got two of the mineralize blush duos. This is Rhapsody in two:

Definitely the 'safe' purchase for me. The colours are light, coraly pink and not too heavy. Nice for my pale skin. This next one was a bit of a gamble for me, but I could not resist these colours! Two virtues:

I was using a dodgey clinique freebie brush of some kind to do these swatches and I really struggled to get the two virtues purple on my skin. Very crumbly these blushes:

I think these are a bit expensive for what they are! They were 50AUD each and they are much smaller than a MSF which is 46AUD. But still, new makeup to play with :-) Definitely cheered me up post surgery!

Here we have the Creme D' Nude, Viva Glam Gaga and Viva Glam Cyndi swatches. I was so worried about getting the nude lippie, but it actually looks nice on my lips! Then again I am going through that nude phase :-P Gaga however, does not. It's a bright blue pink lippie but I knew that it probably wouldn't suit, I just bought it because it's Lady Gaga and I love her music. Can't wait to see her in concert this month too! I was fully :-O at the telephone video clip. Ahem. Where was I. The Cyndi lippie is much more wearable (for me at least) and naturally these swatches are quite built up so a bit of a swipe of these lustre lippies isn't going to make you look horrible. I actually stuck the Mary Kay cream & sugar gloss over the gaga lippie and it looked very nice. Speaking of which:

These are both lovely lip glosses. The price is shocking to me although I don't know why, it's still less than MAC (25AUD vs 34AUD and I believe Mary Kay has more product). I originally just wanted a pink diamonds replacement but I decided to get another to try out :-) They are very perfumed! It smells a bit sickly sweet vanillary to me but I don't mind it. Just like I don't mind the sickly sweetness of Lush Snow Fairy shower gel! But it may not be for all. The glosses have decent pigmentation and are not thick and sticky. So that's a win for me. Definitely *some* stickiness but nothing like clinique lip glosses which I hate because they are so sticky. Or even MAC stickiness. Honestly I go on a swearing fit if I'm stuck wearing lipgloss on a windy day and I haven't tied my hair back. It fires me up so much!

The glosses are more moisturizing than MAC and for me they feel much nicer to wear if you can get past the strong scent. I actually had to get these through my mum because she was the only one who knew a Mary Kay consultant (sigh). I'm interested to try more colours but I shouldn't because I already have too many lip glosses... and they do go off after a while.


  1. Hey we're haul twins! I picked up Two Virtues and Cyndi today as well :)

  2. Oh nice! They're hard to resist!


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