Monday, March 22, 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection - Electric Fuchsia Lipglass

I restrained myself fairly well with this collection. It was too big to go overboard, so I picked up a couple of things I knew I wanted, and a couple of 'why not' items.

I was mainly after the Electric Fuchsia lip glass and the blush. Then got tempted by the colour 4 quad and went 'ooh pretty' at the single eye shadows (sigh). Above we have the colour 4 quad, Straw Harvest Eye Shadow (veluxe pearl), Electric Fuchsia lipglass and Azalea Blossom blush ombre.

Electric Fuchsia lipglass. Clearly I can't wear this everyday, but it was so bright so vibrant, I had to get it. I love the boldness of this colour, and how it changes in different lights. So much more purple in darker lights, and pink in bright light.

It has this gorgeous blue sparkle to it:

So maybe I won't be wearing this all that often but there's nothing wrong with parading around the house in your track pants whilst wearing it, as I did sunday :-) New and unique MAC lip glasses are for the win. I'm such a neutral makeup hoarder so this lip glass brings something to the collection.

Back to 'safe' purchases. Here we have a great neutral quad. I'm very cautious about buying quads. They have to be pigmented. This quad has two veluxe pearls (one of my favourite finishes): manila paper (top left) and aztec brick (bottom left) and two frosts. This picture is slightly over exposed so refer to the image above for a better colour representation. Manila paper is more yellow-beige than this close up shows. Generally, if there's more than one satin (heh at first wrote satan) in the quad/palette I eye it suspiciously and back away slowly... that said, I *am* lusting after the grey satin finish eye shadow in the upcoming Liberty of London collection.

Regrets? Not getting the crush metal pigment (stack 1). Already sold out online. Then again, am I *really* going to open messy pigment containers on a daily basis? Probably not. And the colours... reds/purples. Me blue eyes. Pass. Then the other stack had greens! Bah!


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