Thursday, March 11, 2010

MAC Viva Glam, Too Fabulous and Mary Kay

Hello! I survived my dental surgery (went under to get all four wisdom teeth removed). Only one had partially broken through but they were all so the wrong way I had to get them out. I'm not out of the woods yet but so far, so good... My bf has been looking after me so well, so thankful to have someone to get me through this! It sucks not having parents in the same state as you :-( The pain is terrible, but I'm fairly drugged at the moment and I've just had a nestle choccy mousse, so with 5 minutes of energy, let me share with you what arrived in the mail today:

My mum (love her) sent me my requested Mary Kay lip glosses in Pink Diamonds and Cream & Sugar. I first got Pink Diamonds years ago when it was in much funkier packaging. Slightly disappointed with the repackaged look but oh well, same product! And it still smells the same so that's good (quite vanilla-ery I believe).

Monday (the day before surgery) I noticed Viva Glam was finally up - I've been holding out on the Too Fabulous blushes because I was waiting for my precious lady gaga lipstick. And with the free shipping for orders over $60, it was a nice present to cheer myself up with. I of course got both Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper lustre lippies (swatches to come when I'm not so swollen/miserable). I also got Creme D' Nude but with the pale lips I woke up with today, one wonders why I even bothered :-P But seriously, my lips SHOULD return to their natural darker shade when everything has healed a bit better. I can't even shut my mouth right now so I look fairly dopey.

Here is another close up so you can appreciate the gorgeousness of the gaga lippie. I was only going to get the Rhapsody in Two blush, but then I googled for a Two Virtues swatch and I was sold! Although I feel it will be similar to the spring forecast blushes that I also desire. We shall see...

Well my 5 minutes is up and I'm starting to feel pain again. Time to lie back down and continue my bed riddeness :-(

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